Why Choose Advanced Fibre Optics (AFO) Fibre Optic Solutions?

There are a number of other brands of Fibre Optic lighting solutions brands (though not many), and there is AFO Fibre Optics from Europe. What exactly makes them stand out from other brands?

Many fibre optics lighting systems are basically a mash up of several brands from several sources. The illuminator made by one company, while the fibres and guides made by another, they are all combined together with out-sourced terminals to provide a complete solution. That also excludes the third-party production of harnesses and porting. Furthermore manufacturers usually only produce a single type of illuminator (usually halogen based) for all applications. AFO however is the only brand that provides and supports a complete range of products dedicated to fibre optics lighting solutions. All complementing parts are designed and manufactured in house and are guaranteed to work cohesively. They also have proprietary technologies that were developed and used only by AFO to ensure that every part and component to work at its optimal efficiency (read more below).

AFO’s complete range of illuminators is designed for specific applications. Having the traditional halogen illuminators to gas discharge illuminators, and even LED powered ones ensure optimum aesthetics and function.

AFO Exclusive Technology

Dry Fusion Technology

Fibre optic lighting systems require tailor made solutions for every installation, since the fibre harness has to be specified in accordance with the distance from the illuminator to the light point. Competitors usually sell readymade harnesses to the installers; with the subsequent risk of this harness not fitting if there have been changes in the installation environment. Dealers are trained to use the patented Dry Fusion System, which enables them to manufacture fibre harnesses locally, or even on-site. Dealers purchase fibre and light guides in bulk, and will therefore be able to supply and install harnesses on short notice – and always with the guarantee that it will fit for the installation. Furthermore, the Dry Fusion System permits our dealers to carry our harness maintenance, or even up-grade the system with more fibres, without throwing away the old harness. Another benefit of the Dry Fusion System is that the common end of the fibers becomes more heat resistant, and that the fusion and polishing makes the harness absorb up to 20% more light than glued common ends, or common ends terminated with hot knife.

Optical Port Device

AFO also developed a user friendly system for mechanically connecting the fibre harness to the illuminator, the Optical Port Device. This device permits dealers to standardize the docking device for fibre harnesses with common ends from 0,25mm to 30 mm diameter. Furthermore, the Optical Port Device can easily be dismounted and mounted again, thus permitting maintenance on the common end without having to discard the docking device. No drilling or customization of metal cylinders is therefore needed to fit the common end, as is the case with most systems sold by competitors.

Fast End Connector

The connection of the single end tail of fibres to the end fitting is sometimes a cumbersome process, unless you use our Fast End Connector. This is a Plug’n Play system devised by AFO for quick and easy connection of the fibre tails to a wide selection of our end fittings. You simply press the Fast End Connector into the corresponding hole in the end fitting, and by pressure it stays put.

Micro braid Sidelight Emitting Fibre

Most competitors offer side emitting fibre that has simply been twisted and subsequently clad in transparent PVC. AFO have patented an alternative manufacturing process, whereby which by braiding 0,75mm fibres in multiples of 16, and then constructing different thicknesses of sidelight fibre combining multiples of these braids inside transparent PVC cladding. The advantage of this process, achieves a more flexible light guide, which is easier to bend and shape. Also, Micro braid Sidelight can be applied in lengths up to 50 meters (with light in each end) without noticeable light loss, when most competitors do not recommend exceeding 30 meters. Micro braid has successfully been applied in both indoor and outdoor applications around the world.

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Binoculars by Vortex Optics

Many articles have been written by this author and others on how to choose a binocular to fit your needs and wants. However, the question that begs answering is how to choose a brand that you can trust and will serve you well for many years?

Proposition: buying a pair of binoculars is tantamount to an investment. Most of us buy binoculars knowing these will be something we want to provide us with many years of enjoyment. We do not want a pair to get us through a year or two; we want it to be worthy of ten, fifteen or more years. Ergo, we must also consider that we are buying a brand or company, and that company must be one willing to stand by their product and be committed to customer service.

First, consider the warranty offered. Second, consider access to the company. Third, consider the focus of the company. Fourth, consider the commitment to providing a quality product at a competitive price.

To those ends, Vortex Optics makes a very enticing case as your next brand of binoculars. Vortex Optics offers an unlimited and unconditional warranty. No bones about it, Vortex promises to repair or replace your product free no matter what. That’s pretty straight forward and generates a considerable amount of confidence in the brand. It stands to reason that the buyer can then be confident that a Vortex binocular (or spotting scope) is manufactured to exacting specifications. If you should possibly have a concern about your product know that Vortex Optics can easily be contacted because it maintains an easy to use web site on which is appropriate contact information. One can find a live voice with which to converse.

Also, Vortex maintains a good relationship with its dealers facilitating two way conversations that can prove beneficial to the customer. Vortex Optics is focused on providing quality optics. It is not a mega company with several and diverse product lines. Its mission is to provide premium optical products which include features that make a difference between good and great binoculars and scopes. Finally, Vortex is a company that believes it should and can deliver a quality product at an affordable price. Vortex is a company that believes its products stack up well to other brands costing significantly more.

On your next purchase of a pair of binoculars or spotting scope consider that you are buying a brand not just a product.

Why Shop Online For Sports Optics?

Are you looking for spotting scopes from Swarovski optics or a pair of Zeiss rifle scopes? And how do you plan to buy such devices? As far as options are concerned there are many. There are several commercial shops where you can drop in to buy such equipments. But in the recent times an alternative has also developed for purchasing sports optics or anything that you wish to buy. These are the online stores for the buyers. We also refer to them as the e-commerce websites. There are hordes of such websites in the Internet. All you need to do is type for the thing you are looking for in Google and there will be 100s of search results generated on your screen.

Reason 1: Variety is the Spice of Life

You might ask why you would buy such expensive devices online when you can hold one in your hand at a commercial store and then make a purchase. Well there are several reasons as to why you would like to shop online for sports optics. Firstly, there are several online stores who have been declared as the authorized US dealer for various sports optics brands. Right from Swarovski binoculars to Aimpoint PROs, you will surely get all kinds of well known and moderately known brands. The collection of sports optics found in a single website is outstanding. You can browse through several varieties without any difficulty. All you gotta do is keep scrolling your mouse!

Reason 2: Save Money

Yes, you read it absolutely right! Shopping online can actually help you to save money. Online stores keep providing you lucrative offers. These are especially useful when you are planning to buy a real expensive scope or binocular. for instance, if you are looking for a Schmidt and Bender rifle scope, then keep browsing through these online stores. One of them must be offering some kind of discount or the other. The shipping costs are also waived and you do not need to pay for that. The devices will be delivered to you in a given span of time.

Reason 3: Easy To Operate

The online order placing system is quite easy. It saves a lot of time as well. You can shop for the sport optic you like from your homes. Browse through as many e-commerce websites as you want to and then pick the right model for yourself. The features and technical specifications are mentioned along with the products. Hence, you will be able to sort out which kind of sport optic you require.

Reason 4: You Will Find All The Big and Small Brands

Even big companies are exploring their chances through such online stores. Due to their popularity various well known brands have introduced online shopping. Hence, it is easier to find all the right information about the pair of rangefinders you like.

A Word of Caution

Though there are many websites that are doing quite well as e-commerce buyers, it is always preferable that you remain a cautious buyer. There are cases where companies have mishandled products. So check whether the required seal is there when you accept the courier. Before you place the order with a particular online store go through the reviews, customer feedback and other important details carefully. Research well before you seals the deal.

However, do not let a few disadvantages dissuade you from enjoying the experience of shopping online. These are more convenient, time saving and even money. There are numerous people out there who love this experience and are ardent online shoppers. All you need to do is research well and then get the best deal on the sports optics from the online stores.

Happy shopping people!